People Are Actually Fighting For OUR Future

Before I met the staff and executives at Children’s Hunger Alliance, I began losing faith in humanity. I felt deep down that people didn’t care about the younger generation and all they do is just complain without finding out constructive ways to improving our future. In the couple of weeks I interning there and getting the opportunity of attending the 23rd annual Menu of Hope fundraising event. After witnessing the event, I had a bit of a change of heart because in the event, there were centerpieces full of apples donated from Kroger that went to children from food-insecure homes in the afterschool program. Afterwards, I was so inspired by this event that I wrote about my Menu of Hope Experience . My work was actually featured in their newsletter….Truly a great feeling, especially knowing how long I worked on it. I feel like not only is my work valued, but my presence as well. I’ve come a long way from where I was before as the sweaty-palmed student intern.

I remember in class, we talked about Fact, Value, Definition, and Justification. Ever since that lecture, I’ve been looking for way it might apply to one’s daily life. I found all four in play at the Menu of Hope event.

Fact: They stressed the heart-breaking fact that 1 in 5 children come from food-insecure homes in the State of Ohio. Additionally, I saw this while doing research and interviewing a Program Site Leader for an afterschool program they do. All of this coming before I was assigned a Press Release for this specific County

Value: Each Business partner valued ending child hunger and made a personal challenge to themselves and surrounding peers to put their money into the cause in hopes that it’ll be used wisely (and it definitely would).

Definition: They repeatedly stated how the USDA defines “food-insecurity” and how everyone defines a “healthy meal”, from what they all ate and discussed at the Luncheon itself. This might be a long shot, be the donor levels were also defined, which made other businesses want to join (insert donor level here)

Justification: They used the impact the children would have from just a one dollar ($1 provides 3 meals) donation in order to justify their reasons for giving to children in the first place.  They used projected impact, which I thought was genius!

Dr. Sampson Davis (The Keynote Speaker of the Menu of Hope Event I attended)




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